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There is no secret that I am huge fan of weddings! I love going to weddings, I love organizing weddings, and I love tell wedding stories afterwards! Especially if those are weddings of my closest people. In those cases I could not be happier and more thankful for the ability to share this special and precious moment with them. This time I’d like to share a wedding story that took me and my husband to the far, far away land – Canada and gave me the amazing experience of being the Maid of Honor, and also this was the wedding of my bestest of friends and also this was the wedding of one of my favorite couples of all times. I have been Maid of Honor in Latvia, but that was quite different from what I got to experience in Canada, since the weddings in Latvia and in Canada are obviously quite different. This is the story of my best friend Dace and her now husband – Chris.

For you to better understand this amazing couple, I asked Dace some questions about their wedding and she was also kind enough to share some photographic moments with us. So follow me!

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1. How did you two meet and how long you were together before he proposed to you?

Long story short. We met at the end of 2009 in Riga (he was playing a show in Riga), fell in love few months later in New York City and finally he proposed in Halifax on December 31, 2012.

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 2. We all need to know this – tell me the story of THE proposal? 🙂

He actually gave me a chance to pick the spot where the proposal will take place. (He told me that afterwards). Since we were spending Christmas with his parents, and obviously stayed at his childhood home…. And we all know what that means – no privacy! So he gave me an option to walk along the ocean, climb on top of a hill in Halifax or get a room in a hotel to get a break from “family time”. I picked a hotel (DOH). Knowing me, first thing walking in to a hotel room I obviously dropped my pants to feel more comfortable. Chris wanted to to open a bottle of champagne what he “for some reason” ordered. Before doing that, he asked me to look for his “phone” in his coat pocket. Of coarse, I found a HUGE ring box, but I didn’t know that was a ring box until I opened it and an actual ring box fell out… Chris scooped it up and next thing I know he is on one knee and asking me to marry him. All I could think about was “I DON’T HAVE MY F*CKING PANTS ON!”.

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3. How would you describe you two as a couple?

Super awesome dream team!

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4. How did you organize your wedding, since you got married in Halifax (Canada), you are from Latvia (Europe), he is from Canada (Halifax), but you both live in Toronto (Canada)? Tell me the story of all the planning, deciding on things and practical creation of things. 🙂 

Well, when we started all the planning shenanigans, first thing I said: “I don’t want to have our wedding in Halifax, because of the weather. Then we thought about small family-only wedding some place in Spain or Greece. We thought about Caribbean as well…. but then putting all the numbers together we realize that having 18 guest wedding in Spain is as expensive as having 130 guest wedding in Halifax. So I accepted that I can’t control the weather and we decided to go with Halifax.  It was worth it, because more people could come. Besides most of CC’s family is from Nova Scotia so in made more sense.

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5. What kind of traditions did you have or you went for 100% modern wedding without any kind of traditions? What are the main diferences in traditional Canadian wedding and traditional Latvian wedding?

Basically Canadians don’t have any traditions, so my wonderful maid of honor pulled some Latvian tricks on us. All our guests had a candle in their hands. I cant remember what that was for, but it was super awesome! We needed to sit in our parents laps. Chris got to wear traditional Latvian crown which he couldn’t let go for few days and I got a traditional latvian apron and a wedding hat.

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6. What were your first thoughts when you woke up on your wedding day? 🙂

Is it raining outside?

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7. Tell me please, what were 5 highlights of THE day, which you can say for sure, you will never ever forget? 

I can’t point out only 5 things, but I can tell you this: the whole day was unforgivable and full of joy. One thing that happened after the wedding that I will never forget was, when we came back to our hotel and order chicken wings because we were so HUNGRY. We drank wine from the bottle and wiped our dirty chicken wing fingers in our white robes. What a treat for a person like me who has OCD! Hahaha…

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8. What would you have done differently with the planning or in the day itself if you had the chance? 

I wouldn’t do a thing on the day. Just let others pamper you all day long.

9. I know that many ladies struggle with the decision on the surname/lastname Whether to change it to husband’s surname, add it to the current one or some even choose not to change it at all. As I can see, you changed it to your husband’s surname. Did you know from the very beginning that you will be Mrs. Church or you had to put serious thought into this? What is your opinion on the whole surname thing? 

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I always knew I will be changing my last name, I can’t tell you why though. Funny enough I haven’t officially changed my last name yet. Haha. Since I live in Canada and I am going through all sorts of immigration shenanigans. It takes long time and lots of paperwork before you can change your last name.

10. You have been a wife for a while now. What would you say has changed and how do you feel in your new status? 🙂

For some unknown reason now I am way more bossy 🙂

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11. And of course final question, what would you suggest to all brides-to-be out there?

Don’t plan your own wedding, let others take care of everything so you can enjoy the day without unnecessary stress.

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Hair –  Alicia Melanson Hair & Makeup Inc.

Make-up – Marion Mallet Penny

Dress – http://www.kazu-salons.lv/

Veil – Costum made by Rachael Grant “J&R Grimsmo”

Jewelry – Hair piece from “J&R Grimsmo”, studs and pendant from “The Bay”

Shoes –  Keds

Suit for the groom- Tom Ford

Wedding planner – Rachael Grant

Bouquet – Made by Rachael Grant

Party place, catering– St. Marys boat club, Chives- restaurant.

Photographer – Jordan Blackburn

D&C Wedding-109

D&C Wedding-117

D&C Wedding-121

 -And They Lived Happily Ever After…-

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